A Silly Retelling of Rapunzel

The queen sits down to dinner

The witch cast a spell on the cabbage

The servant was too busy tugging at the carrot to notice

Rapunzel had to knit sweaters in the tower each day

I'm here to rescue a princess from a terrible witch

Display at MICA Commencement Art Show

My college thesis project was to rewrite and illustrate the fairytale Rapunzel. I made several silly changes to the story, such as Rapunzel's mother being a queen (so she has an entire feast yet hungers for an obscure vegetable) and replacing the craving for rapunzel with cabbage (no one really knows what rapunzel is anyway) but still naming her daughter Rapunzel because "cabbage" sounds too ridiculous. As if the situation even made sense in the first place. And it goes on from there.

On display was the book of thumbnails, a sample book of the completed parts, and framed prints of the illustrations. To bring the presentation to life, a braided rope (Rapunzel's hair) was hung from the stairs, and handmade cabbages (for the witch's garden) sat in the window.